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Mini Session vs. Full Session -- How to Choose Which is Right for You

With the mini sessions I have coming up over the next few months, I thought I'd sit down and share my thoughts on the benefits of both mini and full sessions for those who might be on the fence and wondering which would work best for their family. I love different aspects of both types of sessions and, whether you choose a mini or a full, you are getting my same undivided attention, the same skills, and the same post-production work so it's just up to you which type you prefer. Hopefully this information will aid in your decision!

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Mini Sessions

These sessions are shorter (usually about 20-30 minutes) so they would be ideal for families with small children who may not want to cooperate for an hour-long session. They are also ideal for families wanting to capture their children's different milestones throughout the year or their family in different seasons.

These sessions are ideal for families on a budget since they have the session fee and images/prints all rolled into one discounted price.

Minis allow you the chance to "test drive" a photographer you've never used before prior to investing in a full session.

These are held on a date and in a location chosen by the photographer to allow the photographer to offer the best deal for the clients.

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Full Sessions

The one-hour time frame allows plenty of time for a variety of poses and backdrops and one outfit change.

These sessions are customizable via a pre-session consultation so the client has more control over the look and feel of their images.

These sessions result in a greater variety of images to choose from.

Full sessions are ideal for families with children who have outgrown their "changing by the day" stage -- one full session a year should cover you in that case -- or for large, extended families who wish to have multiple family groupings.

With a full session, the client can choose the date, time, and location that best suits their needs.

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