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Why Birth Photography?

Birth photography is a rapidly growing field but still many people don't understand what it is or why someone would want it. When I mention my passion for this type of photography, most people get a blank or astonished look on their face and ask, "Why birth photography??" For many women, birth has become something they just want to get over with so they can hold that baby in their arms, which is totally understandable since that is what they have been waiting nine long months for.

However, labor and delivery is about so much more than the end result and more and more women are beginning to embrace this idea -- writing out detailed birth plans including how they want their pain managed, what music they want played, etc.; preparing their bodies physically for the arduous process of labor; preparing themselves mentally for the intense and often lengthy experience; and hiring a professional photographer to document all of the little details and big emotions that compose the beautiful tapestry of this most amazing day.

The strength, determination, and endurance of a laboring woman; the intense effort and pain of contractions; the love-filled worry and faithful support of the husband or partner; the incredible and indescribable joy of seeing your child for the first time; all the details of the day that you may overlook -- these are all once-in-a-lifetime moments and amazing pieces of your child's birth story that are utterly and completely worthy of capturing.

I absolutely love newborn photography and, while those photos are wonderful for documenting the precious newness of your little one, they don't testify to all the love and effort that went into bringing him or her into this world. That is the role that birth photography plays.

Imagine twenty, thirty, forty years down the road, being able to look back at photos of your child's birth and remember all the emotions and love that you felt that day. Imagine being able to share those photos with your child as he or she grows up as a testament to how much they were hoped for and how much joy their existence brought into your life. Truly priceless.

So, are you still wondering "Why birth photography?"

This is why...

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