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Dear Expectant Mom,


My name is Emily and I am a birth, newborn, and family photographer in Jackson, TN. When I had my oldest son six years ago I was forever changed by the absolute beauty and boldness of the experience. The act of giving life to another human being and immediately knowing a love like no other is something only a woman can understand. We invest so much time, pain, and love into our labor and delivery but all the little details so easily slip from our memory in the enormity of the experience.


My only regret about the birth of my first son is that I didn’t have a professional there to beautifully document every little thing that I overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the day -- mine and my husband’s excitement and anxiety as we arrived at the hospital; the valiant and intense process of laboring; my husband letting me squeeze his hand off and bringing me chapstick a million times; the out-of-body experience that is pushing; the surreal moment of seeing my crying, red-faced, beautiful child for the first time; my husband, with tears streaming down his smiling face, cutting the cord; and my son finally and joyfully being placed in my arms. And every moment in between that I don’t remember but would love to be able to look back on.


I would consider it an absolute honor to be there to capture your amazing, unique labor and delivery in a way that helps you remember the beauty and emotion of one of the most extraordinary days of your life. My promise to you is that I will be there cheering you on and marveling at the miracle you are making happen and I will capture your experience in a way that we have discussed prior to the day. If you want anything and everything captured, that’s what I’ll do; if you want lovely, discreet photos, that’s what I’ll do. I am there to help you remember this most important event in the way you want to remember it.


If you have any questions about birth photography, I would love to answer them! Contact me anytime at 731-868-4285 or


With Best Wishes,


Emily Taylor

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