"I just cannot even explain how amazing Emily is and how this experience is something I will never forget. I highly suggest birth photography for every mama. Emily just fit right in and felt like part of the family! We are so grateful for her and what she does!"

Mary D., 2016 Birth Client

Anyone who has been through it knows that those first 12 months are the most challenging, sleepless, and bewildering of times. New parents often feel like zombies walking around in a haze and going through the motions of everyday life - I know because I've been right there with you. 


But! Oh, but... those first 12 months are undeniably also the most rewarding, sublime, and breathtaking. Beginning with the absolute miracle that is the birth of a child, the first year is all about those "firsts" - from their first breath to their first step. In the first year we have the privilege of witnessing so much growth and discovery - it is truly a magical 12 months. 


It is an amazing honor for me, as a photographer, to get to know families beginning in pregnancy and following them through the birth of their child and that precious new life's first year - this is where I love to focus my talents. Your birth experience and so much of that first year can often seem like a blur. Are you interested in how I can help you remember those remarkable days? Email or call me and let's chat!


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